Terry Beard

My work is informed and inspired by elements within the natural and built environment, particularly the landscape which surrounds my studio in the Fens, and I explore ways of conveying a sense of depth and form using abstract marks and gestures such as blocks of colour and lines. During the making process intuitive decisions are made and serendipitous ‘accidents’ are embraced due to the way they enhance the work or add an unexpected element. Materials used include screen printing, collage and acrylics. 
I primarily use screen printing as a means of building up compositions. I use a small squeegee, in the way you might use a brush, and pull layers of colour through a screen with no stencil, or occasionally some ripped or cut newsprint as a rough temporary stencil. I have developed this way of working over several years , I like the quality of the marks I can achieve this way. 
I have exhibited my work widely and have pieces in numerous private and corporate collections.
My work is available through several galleries in the UK, and I have also shown work in the USA and Venice


1973-1976 West Surrey College of Art and Design

1976-1977 City of Birmingham Polytechnic



2020 London Invitational Award Finalist

2020 Cass Art Award, London