Christine Leadbetter

Christine Leadbetter. Waiting by the red wall. Acrylic on card. £185

Born in Morecambe in 1957, Christine was one of the final students to study a foundation course in art at The Storey Institute, Lancaster, this led to a degree from Liverpool Polytechnic in 1979 and a career in commercial interior design.
Christine was based in the Eden Valley in Cumbria for a number of years returning to the Lancaster area in 2003. The landscape around Morecambe Bay and also the Lune Valley often feature in her paintings.
All the miniature paintings in the Journeys online exhibition at Gavagan Art were completed following a trip to India in November 2019.
“I took sketchbooks, notepads, pencils and pastels. During the day I made notes and took photos only having time to sketch on rooftops of our ‘homestays’ some evenings.
Some of the drawings were later converted into paintings. However it was the notes and memories of things that stood out to me such as: Temples, mosques and monuments, street animals, tiny trading shacks - miles of them - with maybe one bare lightbulb.
The flashes of neon from sarees and shirts contrasting against the often dark dusty surroundings - sparked much of the resulting work.”