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Gavagan Art

Town Hall Settle


Current Exhibition

Wild Wood

Various Artists

This exhibition continues to 23 December 2107

New work & artists added

Kate Bentley. Damson Tree.Oil.

Image: Kate Bentley. Damson Tree. Oil. 

Milan Ivanic. Birch Trees. Acrylic on canvas.

Image: Milan Ivanic. Silver Birch Trees. Acrylic on canvas.

Trees are the subject of our autumn exhibition featuring drawings, paintings and original prints by various artists, including a selection of work by Anna Adams (1926 - 2011) and Norman Adams ( 1927 - 2005)

Contemporary artists include Brian Hindmarch, David Cook, David Thomas, Bridget Tempest, Jacquie Denby, Chris Rigby, Milan Ivanic, Margret Uttley, Adrienne Craddock, Shellie Byatt and Jackie Sowerby


A feature of this exhibition will be striking and distinctive new work by three ceramicists who are based in Cumbria, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire.
Work by Cumbria - based Chris Barnes. Sculptural Raku fired vessels from Cambridgeshire by Stephen Murfitt and hand - built earthenware ceramics by Anna Lambert whorecently had an exhibition at Contemporary Ceramics London.



Stephen Murfitt - Anna Lambert - Chris Barnes.

Stephen Murfitt

Above Image: Stephen Murfitt. Raku Ceramics.


Above Image: Anna Adams. Trees Douk Ghyll. Watercolour


Image: Chris Barnes. Ceramic.