Wild Wood - All About Trees October - December 2017

Milan Ivanic. Lone Fir. Acrylic on canvas.

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Wild Wood

21 October  - 23 December 2017

Various Artists


Trees are the subject of our autumn exhibition featuring drawings, paintings and original prints by various artists, including a selection of work by Anna Adams (1926 - 2011) and Norman Adams ( 1927 - 2005)

Contemporary artists include Brian Hindmarch, David Cook, David Thomas, Bridget Tempest,  jacquie Denby, Chris Rigby, Milan Ivanic, Margret Uttley, Adrienne Craddock, Shellie Byatt and Jackie Sowerby.


Stephen Murfitt. Raku Vessel with seam.

Image: Stephen Murfitt. Raku Ceramics.

A feature of this exhibition will be striking and distinctive new work by three ceramicists who are based in Cumbria, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire.
Work by Cumbria - based Chris Barnes. Sculptural Raku fired vessels from Cambridgeshire by Stephen Murfitt and hand - built earthenware ceramics by Anna Lambert who recently had an exhibition at Contemporary Ceramics London.