Still Life - A Celebration

May 12th, 2018

May 26th, 2018

George Melling. Manx Kippers. Oil on canvas.

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Open for this exhibition:

Saturday 12 May,  Saturday 19 May & Saturday 26 May 2018

11 - 4


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Derek Setford. Parrot Tulips & Iris. Wood engraving.

Image: Derek Setford. Parrot Tulips and Iris. Wood engraving.

Gavagan Art is delighted to open the 2018 season with an exhibition celebrating still life. The exhibition will include works by a range of renowned northern artists, including Ruth Addinall, Tina Balmer, George Melling, Derek Setford David Thomas and David Cook.

David Cook's current work is related, in part, to remembered situations and / or places which trigger off visual responses rather than topographical renderings.  He says that this approach allows him room for invention and development of work with, perhaps, some spontaneity and risk.
Born Bingley, West Yorkshire. Lives and works in the Yorkshire Dales.Trained at Bradford College of Art and Royal College of Art in the 60's. A.R.C.A. Originally trained and worked as free-lance designer until 80's when he concentrated totally on painting.

Ruth Addinall  is a painter and sculptor living and working in Edinburgh. During her French degree, she studied art history and says this ‘opened up a whole new world to me’. Following a painting sabbatical in Paris and studying at the Frink School of Sculpture in Stoke-on-Trent, she started painting in her late 20s. She loves to experiment with different styles and describes her work as being split into ‘imaginary’ and ‘from life’. She has been exhibited widely, including in Edinburgh, London, Portugal and Montreal.

Tina Balmer graduated from St Martin’s School of Art in London in 1993, where she studied Fashion Design. She has been exhibiting paintings since 1998. Her solo exhibitions include Brantwood near Coniston and the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal and she has featured in a wide range of group exhibitions, including the Stables Gallery at Glyndebourne Festival. Since moving to Cumbria in 2006, she has organised open houses, art trails and exhibitions, including Printfest and Artfest North. She calls her paintings ‘a celebration of the domestic and the ordinary’.

George Melling studied at Kingston Polytechnic and Chelsea School of Art in London. He has been exhibited widely, including at the National Portrait Gallery, Imperial College, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and, on numerous occasions, at the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition in London. In 2004 he was commissioned to paint a mural at Preston Minster and he was one of the exhibitors at the 2018 New Light exhibition shown at the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle and other venues in the north of England. While his work tackles many topics and themes, he is particularly drawn to the landscape. He is based in Preston, Lancashire.

George Melling. Conkers.

                                          George Melling. Conkers. Oil on canvas.

Derek Setford was born in Liverpool and now lives in Bolton. After a year at Leeds College of Art, he continued to study drawing, printing and printmaking at The Slade School of Fine Art in London. He later became Acting Principal of Rochdale College of Art and after retiring in 1990, was elected as a member of the Society of Wood Engravers. Having spent most of his life working and living in different parts of the North, Derek Setford’s works often depict elements of the region’s most naturally distinctive areas, such as The Lake District and The Pennines.

David Thomas studied fine art painting at Cheltenham, Cardiff and Leeds and has painted continuously since leaving Cardiff in 1989. Continuous and observational drawing is a central activity in David Thomas’ practice. His paintings are done in oil paint on board, panel or canvas. Most are still-life compositions, observed from the objects in front of him. They start with a long process of drawing and re-arrangement. He is based in Crosshills, North Yorkshire.

Simon Nixon is well-known to many in the Lancaster area as Front of House Manager at The Dukes theatre. His still life with pots (bottom left) is part of the ‘Sunday painter’ series. Simon explains: “Over 12 months, 52 paintings were completed, one every Sunday. The themes are long standing in my work of quiet, unremarkable everyday objects and scenes that hopefully become more remarkable once seen through the translation of paint on canvas.”

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