Still Life - Abstract Landscape - Ceramics

New Work - David Thomas - Jacquie Denby - Anna Lambert 23 April - 30 May 2016

David Thomas. Crab Apples on Platter. Oil on canvas.

This exhibition provides the opportunity to see new work by three Yorkshire-based artists. 

Anna shows her work at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Contemporary Ceramics, London, and galleries in Europe and USA. Her most recent pieces explore new ideas about place, in particular the local moors, woodlands and valley bottoms, undergoing transformation as land use and climate changes. New forms include sculptural/platter pieces for display on walls, tables or shelves.

Anna shares her North Yorkshire studio with painter David Thomas.

David Thomas makes paintings and drawings about things on tables, horizons, land and sky, but mostly about the fluid process of painting. David studied fine art painting at Cheltenham, Cardiff and Leeds and has painted continuously since leaving Cardiff in 1989.The paintings are in oil paint on board, panel or canvas. Most are still-lifes, observed from the object(s) in front of him. They start with a long process of drawing and re-arrangement. Continuous and observational drawing is a central activity in David Thomas’ practice.

David will be showing his work alongside Anna’s together with new work by abstract landscape painter Jacquie Denby. Jacquie is based in Grassington.

"This is a showing of Jacquie's new exciting work, all based on aspects of the landscape, the landscape she lives and works in. The work is termed abstract but has always got its feet in the real, the seen, the felt. She hopes people respond to these aspects of her work."

In July 2015 Jacquie was named winner of the 1st prize in the Harrogate Open at the Mercer Art Gallery with her painting 'The Resonant Rumour of Sun."

Please note: There is a selection of images below of work in the exhibition. Please see artists pages for more information about each maker.

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