The Northern Landscape


 Patricia Haskey, Buttercup Meadow Penyghent, watercolour &  pastel

Image: Patricia Haskey,. Buttercup Meadow Penyghent, pastel.


This exhibition has now ended but a selection of images of work still available can be seen below. Please contact the gallery for more information about any of these or other works on this website.

The landscape of the north of England was recently the subject of national newspaper headlines and articles in the press following comments by Lord Howell of Guildford regarding fracking.

The contrasting richness of the northern landscape is the subject of the Linton Court Gallery’s next exhibition. 

The exhibition includes work by a number of artists who live and work in Yorkshire or Lancashire.

Exhibitors include: Katharine Holmes, Margaret Uttley, Simon Nixon, David Cook, Roy Hubbard, Milan Ivanic, Jacquie Denby, Chris Rigby, Marjan Wouda, Maureen Grealy, Frank Gordon and Diane Lawrenson.

 Below: This is a small selection of images from the exhibition. If there are any works which you would like more information about please contact the gallery email: