Journeys Near and Far Part 1


While the gallery at the Town Hall is currently closed to visitors, we have put together an online exhibition of the work of four artists:
Katharine Holmes, Brian Hindmarch, Christine Leadbetter and Milan Ivanic.  In the forthcoming weeks images and information about their work will be sent out in our newsletters.

While online images cannot reproduce an actual visit to a gallery if you are interested in discussing a particular artwork please do telephone mobile: 07799797961 or email: 

The title of the exhibition is one which captures an aspect of the present global situation. 

As travel has become restricted many of us have discoverd or rediscovered walks close to home and have been able to spend time watching the wildlife around us in gardens and parks. The view from the window or the local landscape of the north of England is depicted in the work of Brian Hindmarch, Katharine Holmes and Milan Ivanic, but they have also painted and printed images of journeys to more distant locations they have previously visited.
 In the case of Christine Leadbetter she has painted a series of jewel like miniatures of a journey to India she made last year.



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Brian Hindmarch. ‘Weston Hall (view from the garden)’ drypoint 24 x 20cms

Brian Hindmarch.

Weston Hall Otley. View from the Garden. Drypoint. 24 x 20 cm £284

Brian Hindmarch

Brian Hindmarch is a printmaker, designer and teacher. He works from a studio in Ilkley and was a lecturer in Graphic Design at Bradford College, School of Art, for over 20 years, from 1992-2013.

Brian started his professional life as an apprentice commercial artist. He studied full-time at North East London Polytechnic and at the St Martin’s School of Art (Advanced Post Graduate Printmaking).
He has worked as a free-lance graphic designer, print technician and lecturer at a number of universities and colleges in the UK and Ireland. His most recent teaching has been at the Leeds College of Art.
Brian has exhibited his work widely, including with the Royal Academy, and the Birmingham Artists Group, and at Cartwright Hall, Bradford.  His work regularly features in the Ilkley Art Trail. In recent years exhibitions of his work have been held in the South of France.
He applies a wide range of graphic design techniques and processes, including photography, etching, letterpress, lithography, screenprint and relief print.



Milan Ivanic.

Flight. Acrylic on canvas. 80 x 80 cm £1,400

Milan Ivanic

Milan Ivanič was born in the former Czechoslovakia. He studied at the Hollar School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he met Roz, and came to England with her in 1970. He lived and worked in Devon, Sussex, London, and Stockton (California), before settling in the North West of England in 1986.

His work derives from close engagement with the landscape and culture of the British Isles, while retaining an accent of central Europe. In his work one can see a respect for the traditions of European classical art.
‘I like the view, attributed to Picasso, that drawing is painting with fewer means.’
Milan's work has been included in numerous exhibitions, and is in private collections in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A solo exhibition was held at Gavagan Art autumn 2019.


Katharine Holmes. Little Fryup Dale. Ink on paper. Sold


Katharine Holmes

 Katharine Holmes is an artist who has become known for her paintings which capture the northern landscape, predominantly her native Yorkshire Dales. Born into a Malhamdale family of painters in 1962 and following degree study in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Katharine returned to the Yorkshire Dales in 1990.
Often painting outside, she works in a range of media from oil on canvas to watercolour on paper, her paintings attempting to capture the feeling of being in the landscape.
Exhibiting her work nationally and internationally her paintings are in many private and corporate collections including that of Leeds University where she held her first major solo exhibition in 1999. In June 2009 she returned to The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds University to show new paintings and an installation of drawings as part of a large retrospective exhibition “A Malham Family of Painters”.
In the last decade Katharine has travelled widely and painted in Japan, Kenya, New England, Italy and Greece. Nearer to home she has since student days painted in Wester Ross drawing inspiration from the rugged and wild landscapes of the Torridon Mountains and Applecross Peninsula.


Christine Leadbetter. Waiting by the red wall. Acrylic on card. £185

Christine Leadbetter. Waiting by the Red Wall. Acrylic on card. 15.5 x 15.5 cm £185


Christine Leadbetter.

Born in Morecambe in 1957 Christine was one of the final students to study a foundation course in art at Storey Institute, Lancaster. This led to her degree from Liverpool Polytechnic in 1979. Christine diversified her talents into commercial interior design.
Based in the Eden Valley in Cumbria for a number of years, returning to Lancaster in 2003 where the familiar Morecambe Bay and the Lune Valley area inspires her work. This particular set of paintings in our current online exhibition came about following a trip to India November 2019.

“I took sketchbooks, notepads, pencils and pastels. During the day I made notes and took photos only having time to sketch on rooftops of our ‘homestays’ some evenings. Some of the drawings were later converted into paintings. However it was the notes and memories of things that stood out to me such as: Temples, mosques and monuments, street animals, tiny trading shacks - miles of them - with may be one bare lightbulb.
The flashes of neon from sarees and shirts contrasting against the often dark dusty surroundings - that sparked much of the resulting work.”

Below images of work available by all four artists, click to see larger image.