David Thomas

David Thomas: Crab Apples on platter

There will be an exhibition of work by David Thomas, Jacquie Denby and Anna Lambert
23 April - 30 May 2016.

David Thomas makes paintings and drawings about things on tables, horizons, land and sky, but mostly about the fluid process of painting. David studied fine art painting at Cheltenham, Cardiff and Leeds and has painted continuously since leaving Cardiff in 1989. 

The paintings are in oil paint on board, panel or canvas. Most are still-lifes, observed from the object(s) in front of him. They start with a long process of drawing and re-arrangement. Continuous and observational drawing is a central activity in David Thomas’ practice.

Objects are arranged and moved throughout the process, culminating in paintings that are, at the same time, a record of the activity of looking and an interaction between visual experience, the material and the illusionary space within and beyond the picture surface.

David Thomas' work will be featured at the forthcoming exhibition Ceramics, Still Life & Abstraction, which runs at Gavagan Art from 23 April to 30 May 2016.